October 01, 2004

there's a holdup in the Bronx . . .

Here's a snapshot from the debate last night:

And I always thought Toody and Muldoon were partners. What happened?

And since I'm on the subject, I can't resist reposting this bit of dialogue from one of this classic show's episodes:
Muldoon: What are you going to be doing in New Jersey?
Toody: Well I promised Lucille that I'm going to take her to see her sister.
Muldoon: I thought her sister lived in Westchester.
Toody: She does, but I'm going to take her to see her sister in New Jersey.
Muldoon: But I thought Lucille only had one sister.
Toody: She has.
Muldoon: Than how can she have one in New Jersey and another one in Westchester?
Toody: Can't you figure it out?