October 28, 2004


It was worth the wait.

Out with the old

Miserable Red Sox Fan

and in with the new

Triumphant Red Sox Fan

October 21, 2004

thank you

Derek Lowe, David Ortiz, Johnny Damon, Curt Schilling and the rest. That was glorious.

state electoral trends: VT, NH, ME

That's the last one. See the first one for the full explanation.

state electoral trends: MA, RI, CT

state electoral trends: NJ, NY

state electoral trends: MI, OH, PA

state electoral trends: WV, MD, DE

state electoral trends: SC, NC, VA

state electoral trends: GA, FL

state electoral trends: MS, AL

October 07, 2004

it's a wonderful vice presidency

My favorite part of Tuesday's VP debate came when Edwards said that in the whole, vast configuration of things, Cheney was nothing but a scurvy little spider.

October 03, 2004

state electoral trends: KY, TN

Kentucky's really gone south the last few elections. Perhaps Tennessee would have too, if not for Gore being on the ballot. Neither of these two are in play this year, but it will be interesting to note the trendlines.

state electoral trends: AR, LA

Louisiana: interesting how closely it's cleaved to the national average since 1976, compared to prior volatility.

Arkansas: Jimmy Carter had a much bigger impact than Bill Clinton. Odd.

October 01, 2004

there's a holdup in the Bronx . . .

Here's a snapshot from the debate last night:

And I always thought Toody and Muldoon were partners. What happened?

And since I'm on the subject, I can't resist reposting this bit of dialogue from one of this classic show's episodes:
Muldoon: What are you going to be doing in New Jersey?
Toody: Well I promised Lucille that I'm going to take her to see her sister.
Muldoon: I thought her sister lived in Westchester.
Toody: She does, but I'm going to take her to see her sister in New Jersey.
Muldoon: But I thought Lucille only had one sister.
Toody: She has.
Muldoon: Than how can she have one in New Jersey and another one in Westchester?
Toody: Can't you figure it out?