September 19, 2004

dè tha “sinn” a’ ciallachadh, Kemo Sabe?

Bhon Anchorage Daily News, seo pìos de agallamh comhla ri Natalie MacMaster:
Q. How do you distinguish Cape Breton fiddling? What does it mean to you?

A. Cape Breton is Scottish in origin. It's more traditional and rooted in Scottish tradition. The dance style is different (from Irish Celtic dancing). We do speak Gaelic, but Scottish Gaelic dialect is different from Irish Gaelic, and that influences music; music sounds a lot like the language. Gaelic has a lot of throatal, rough sounds -- not a pretty language -- and the music reflects that too. We say it has lots of dirt in it.
Nach neònach gu bheil cànan a tha cho garbh, grànnda aig tè ghrinn, bhòidheach mar Natalaidh.