August 10, 2004

I get searches

Here are some search strings folks have entered that brought them here; in almost every case they must have left quite disappointed.

stephen harper body language
gaelic word what does sneachd mean
what does agus mean
what does vaughan mean in german
how to cast a chi spell
Birth place of Condoleezza Rice
Brent Scowcroft's son in law
Brent Scowcroft accomplishments
minibus 9-12 seater, london
tim horton mission statement
him hortons drive thru stats
horse tim hortons animal cruelty
joel plaskett "good looking"
checkout lane statistics
give me some pictures of a 17 years old guys who an't dating or married
swingers Shelburne county Nova Scotia
ways of torturing teddy bear

In case any of these searches are repeated, here's a tip or two:
  • sneachd means "snow"
  • agus means "and"
  • vaughan is not German but Welsh, from fychan (mutation of bychan), meaning "little"
  • I do not know Stephen Harper's body language, but it probably isn't French
  • Condoleezza Rice was born in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island
  • Tim Horton's mission is to bring Maple Cream donuts to the US (at least it should be)
  • Yes, Joel Plaskett is indeed good looking
I'm guessing that unattached 17 year-old guys were easier to find than Shelburne County swingers, but then I haven't spent much time in Shelburne County.