June 29, 2004

news you can use

From AFP:
A new star was born in Canadian politics. Blonde heiress Belinda Stronach, dubbed one of the world's most powerful business women, was elected to parliament for the Canadian Conservative Party by a waver-thin margin.
At no point in the 300-word article do we learn any of her political views. But we do learn that she has "model good looks" and was linked to Bill Clinton in the gossip pages. And her father was a "self-made man". And as a girl, she received "local schooling". Oh, and she's a blonde - and an heiress!

And the AFP thinks we're all heirheads.

Here are some other headlines:

US congratulates thinning, grey Paul Martin on win in Canada

Boyishly quaffed Harper doesn't answer clearly when asked if he'll stay on as Tory leader

Balding, mustachioed Layton tries to put best face on disappointing election result