June 02, 2004

Gaelic report from Nova Scotia

The Gaelic Development Steering Committee, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture, has published an ambitious 20-year plan entitled Leasachadh agus Glèidheadh na Gàidhlig An Albainn Nuaidh: Plana Airson Iomairt Choimhearsnachd (Developing and Preserving Gaelic in Nova Scotia: Strategy for a community-based initiative). Among the stated goals are increasing the number of Gaelic speakers and achieving "secure status" for Gaelic at the provincial level (something the Scottish Parliament hasn't yet gotten to).

The report is an excellent follow-up to the previously published Gaelic Nova Scotia: an Economic, Cultural, and Social Impact Study, downloadable here (disclaimer: I did some work for this report). The Gaelic community in Nova Scotia has done more than its part in putting together the history, stock-taking, vision, and practical plan for a last-ditch effort to save the language. Now it's up to the province to cur an airgead far a bheil a' bheul (put its money where its mouth is).

The Gaelic and English versions of the new report are available for download as pdf files over here. There's a Halifax Chronicle-Herald piece on the report here.