May 02, 2004

leaves, damn leaves, and statistics

According to an Ipsos-Reid survey for the Tea Association of Canada, caffeinated tea is the most popular form of tea in Canada. Some other fascinating results:
Tea drinkers in B.C. (36%), Ontario (30%) and Atlantic Canada (41%) are more likely mention that they enjoy drinking tea than are tea drinkers in Quebec (21%).


Non-tea drinkers’ main reasons for not drinking tea are generally not liking tea (34%) and disliking the taste (25%). Preferring coffee (12%) is also an important factor for non-tea drinkers. There are some who have never tried tea (3%) and others who have no reason for not drinking it (5%).
And yet, the biggest questions went unasked. Round bags or square? Nope. Milk first or tea first? Nuh-uh. Cooking the tea while it steeps? Forget it.

A spokesperson for the North American Horlicks Foundation dismissed the poll, saying, "The real poll takes place at the checkout lane."