April 03, 2004

turas mao dhuibh!

As an t-Albannach: Rebels issue receipt after robbing Scots at gunpoint
But the terrifying attack had a comic side when the rebels, wielding AK47s, insisted on issuing their victims with a receipt in case they were attacked by other Maoists along the way.
Leig leis na Himalayas, 'se "turasachd beag-chogach" a tha mi 'sireadh!
In fact, trekking entrepreneur Suman Pandey says that for the growing numbers of people who are coming to Nepal to trek in the war-torn mountains, guerrilla tourism seems to be one of the attractions.

Mr Pandey said: "I am getting the feeling that tourists are quite excited about it. This Maoist meeting is slowly becoming a tourist product."
Saoil am fac' iad an film Restless Natives?