April 27, 2004

the old grey mare returns

From The Globe and Mail, via the excellent (and similarly green-tinted) blog pogge, comes news that former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney emerged from his tropical island hideaway (or wherever he's been lurking) to take a swipe at the Liberals. His aim was a little off.

The context: Mulroney was criticizing the government's decision to allow the wife and son of Ahmed Khadr to return to Canada. Khadr, who was killed in the Pakistani-Afghan border region in October, was an associate of Osama bin Laden. The Khadrs are Canadian citizens.

What Mulroney said:
He criticized "the limp and pathetic manner the Liberal government handled the case of the Khadr family, intimates of Osama Bin Laden ... some of whose members have taken up arms in support of terrorism, and yet are welcomed back to Canada with open arms.

"Imagine the signal that these images send to the White House and the civilized world," he told an audience of about 600 people.
When asked to comment, Bush replied, "I've been called better things by worse people."

It seems the old grey mare, in the words of Spirit of the West, is still a few chairs short of perfection. But the Reformatories seem happy to have him aboard; well hey, who wouldn't jump at the chance to embrace the guy who traded in his governing party juggernaut for a rickety two-seater? Stephen Harper, for one. After all, where would Harper be today if Mulroney had stayed on and managed even a moderately poor showing in 1993?

The last word goes to pogge, who nails the former PM in a way all hypocrites deserve to be nailed:
If being wildly unpopular with the Canadian public, merely being suspected of criminal wrong-doing and being regarded by at least a significant portion of the population as being a traitor to this country were sufficient grounds to have one's citizenship stripped, then Brian Mulroney might well be a man without a country today.