March 25, 2004

who was that masked, lime-green man?

There isn't always room for Jell-O. From the Halifax Chronicle Herald:
Jell-O-Head's case going to trial

YARMOUTH - Robert Chetwynd is going to trial.

He's the Shelburne County man also known as Jell-O-Head who rode his horse through a Tim Hortons drive-thru last summer and now faces 27 charges under the Criminal Code and provincial statutes.
Apparently he started riding his horse to Tim's after losing his driver's license for DUI, but the management banned him because he allegedly sometimes "parked" in the handicap space or used the bumpers of other people's cars as hitching posts. So this time he tried the drive-through, but the Mounties got their man. He is charged with resisting arrest, threatening the life of an officer, and animal cruelty ("ramming" his horse Dillon into a cruiser), among other things.

Mr Chetwynd has his own website, where he gets to tell his side of the story:
Currently, The Coffee Cowboy is not allowed on the property of the Barrington Passage Tim Horton’s and has to have his medium double - double smuggled to him every morning!
Nice to see the spirit of Rodney King lives on in the Maritimes. Be sure to read his mission statement; it's at once funny and touching.