March 06, 2004

typos, spell-check gone awry, or biting satire?

We report, you decide.

One of the few joys of being a TA is coming across unintentionally comic or satirical sentences in student papers. Typos can always be counted on for the occasional raised eyebrow, but I think the advent of spell-check (and its less-than-attentive use) has given us a new world of accidental humor. Anyway, here are a few examples I’ve come across:
The conservative/nominal theory argues that racism does not exist and that we are a color-bland society in which race is an empty category.

Fleets of European explorers led by men such as Vasco da Gama left Europe in search of lands they believed to be uninhibited.

Once again, a white driven domination (pox-Americana) is declared.

It is a plea to transcend the language of race—radiology as Gilroy dubs it—altogether.

I have been whiteness to many cases of "code switching" in the past. [re: Keith Basso’s Portraits of the Whiteman]

Code-switching simply means to shift from using one language to another. This does not happen as frequently in situations were the people involved are anilingual.