March 15, 2004

Berlin Bands, first installment

While spending some time in Berlin last year, I got in the habit of perusing the music listings in the invaluable biweekly magazine Zitty. Among the dozens of band names listed, some would jump out at me, either because they were pretty clever, really lame, or in that nether-region where cleverness and lameosity are barely distinguishable from each other. So I started collecting the names. Herewith is the first installment of Berlin Bands*, in this case taken from the two most recent online issues. I'll periodically post lists from past and future issues. Links provided wherever possible. Neither this listing nor the linked url's shall be construed as a personal endorsement of the music (but I will say that the photo of the Jazzin' Hot Fellows is worth your time).

Bang on a Can All-Stars
Boogie Circus
Digital Perm
Dizzy's Jazz Gang
Dr. Haircut & The Schachtschnäbel
Hot Swingers
Jazzin' Hot Fellows
Kookie & Ferdie
Kuchenbecker's back in town
Monkey Ranch
Papa Henschels Salty Dogs
Spots & Birds and Telephones
Swingin' Peanuts
Texas Motherfuckers
Trick Lobsters
Umbrella Jazzmen
Wichita Lineman

*By Berlin bands I simply mean bands playing in Berlin; not all of them are Berlin-based.