February 21, 2004

on the climax of her/its/their fame

If you're in need of having a document translated, you might want to consider not availing yourself of the services offered by WEB.DE. That website was thanked by a German punk band called the Kona Jacks for providing an English translation of the band's history. Some excerpts:
The history of the Kona Jack, on the climax of her/its/their fame one of the knownest Mössinger punk-bands at all, a history of fame and wealth, from success and career, participates but also from excesses and orgies, crises and decay.

guitarist "Re" ale.X, the athletic type, shone through polished Songwriting with profound texts, that moving the versierte and brillannte singer "Arschfick" Thieu and to convert with expression knew, just as exhibitionistischen insoles with the live-shows, while also the good-looking, quiet type was represented with "Curaz" Andi and with "Korrekt" Fröder of the women-swarms with homosexual tendencies.

however the peace should not be from long duration: Compromising photos of several band-members, in obscene positions in one another devoured, circulated in the press and made the temporary success unsuccessful again.
Now any translator worth his/her/its/their salt knows better than to use ambiguous constructions. But here we are left to wonder whether it is "Korrekt" Fröder or his women-swarms who possess the homosexual tendencies.

But for those who know German, the clearest sign of incompetence was their inability to come up with an English equivalent of Arschfick.