February 28, 2004

the automatic controllers of our nation

Some excerpts from W's toast to the nation's governors, Feb. 22, after running the text through the google translator in several languages. The original text can be found here.
Good evening. Welcomely to the white house. By of Laura and of of me, around to regale so many our friends and new well-known are honoured.

I estimate the fact that the vice-president with us is. I legend often that Cheney is thick the finest vice-president, whom our country had at all. Nut/mother always says, "waits you one minute"

Desire to thank for the previous governors who are in my cabinet, Tommy Thompson and Juan Ashcroft, the song of Tom, who is not with us tonight, and to the newest member of my cabinet, Leavitt microphone. (applause.)

The last time I was with the Schwarzenegger Governor that it paddle on me which we have some joint things. We both connected well. (laughters.) We both have trouble with the English language. (laughters.) We both have large zweikoepfige muscles. (laughters.) Well two from the three. (laughters.)

We shared responsibility, also, to heighten the enterprising alcohol, so that our continuous economy to develop and people can find the job; co-operate, in order to examine that Americans can win affordable entrance to the health care; in order to make sure every child it learns to read and to write and to add and to embezzle.

I have large confidence in the automatic controllers of our nation, because you represent highest ideals of your condition and you hold confidence of your people. It is a pleasure to regale you all here. And now I would like that all connect you me in a toast to the automatic controllers of the United States.